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Tanoura Folk Dancing

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Creating personal brand equity

Submitted by on May 23, 2010 – 12:04 am6 Comments

Success thro focus

A lot of you have asked me, and plenty of times –  “How does one grow in an organization” or ” How does one  make ourselves differentiated amongst peers and associates, where we are just one amongst the thousands”.

This blog discusses this aspect of our professional life.

I will soon introduce my perspective on this. The focus will be on Self Branding and Creating Brand Equity about yourself, differentiating ourselves, making a difference that will hopefully leave a positive impact on our lives and the lives of people surrounding us.

To me its all about marketing our competencies and our values. This is no different to marketing a product. A product needs to be marketed to be successful. It needs to articulate very clearly its features, and benefits to be bought. More importantly it needs to show a clear Value Proposition to gain attention. Similarly, you need to market yourself by articulating your individual Value Proposition that you bring to the table.

Take the case of an IPOD. It was actually a late comer in the market place, there were scores of MP3 players in the market much before the iPOD release, but it differentiated itself by clearly articulating style, simplicity and form over function. This concept was exactly followed in Apple introducing the iPAD. Te iPAD has far limited functionality compared to many cheaper netbooks, but stole the show by winning. Again differentiating through a focus on form over function.

This is exactly the same challenges we face be it our lives or our workplace. How do I make a difference? How do I standout? How do I know that I made a difference? Many of us work hard, spend endless hours in working towards meeting deadlines. Is that really the key? You will all have found the answer by now that it certainly is not a winning factor by itself. The need is to also build Personal Brand Equity.

I will start with a simple 3 simple ideas that will help you build one.

1. Have Fun and be passionate about whatever you are doing – This passion will result in emitting positive energy with people around you come. This will also result in setting the ground for the right perception about you and your capabilities.

2. Be a Subject Matter Expert in at least one area of your work, field or competency. The world is crowded, and there are too many of us around to be remembered. Hence to attract attention, we need to differentiate, stand out and possess fine grained expertise in one area where we become the icon of that subject or context.

3. Maintain a Social Profile, participate in communities that focus in your area of speciality. Let people know your worth, your contribution, your expertise. This will  ensure that you are building your brand equity.

These 3 steps are the critical success factors to pave your way to build your personal brand DNA and differentiate.


  • Salil Shidhaye says:

    Dileep, Excellent post and a great advice!!!

  • kiran KM says:

    success always follows when you are pretty confident about yourself. People will come to you in times of difficulties, if we can make out sometime in our busy schedule.. help others(learning some new concepts-technical benifit) and grasp the opportunity(visibility)..
    You will be the hero.

  • admin says:

    Yes, these are nice points. Confidence is a great booster for success. Many people lack the confidence even though they can be and are successful.
    I fully endorse the view that people need to help others especially when they seek help. I have always seen that people who find that time, and help others are the true leaders, because they gain followers. In fact that is the true definition of the word leader. A leader is one who has followers, and you can only have followers if you find time to help people, respect them and gain their admiration.

  • Srinath says:

    Every interaction a person has such as with peers,customers etc through any communication channel will have an impact on his/her brand equity. In the Service Industry these are called ‘Moments of Truth’. Every interaction that a customer has with a company has a positive or negative impact on how he perceives its products and services. I think it is no different for individuals too. An attempt should be made to view every interaction as an opportunity to build one’s personal brand equity

  • Suraj Jethwani says:

    Truly inspiring Dileep,
    While Talking about maintaining a social profile, I want to get started in the right way..
    I wanted to choose WordPress with a good professional theme as a starting point, In that blog I wanted to share my support experience with various Indian and overseas customers, how a customer facing role differs from working in remote support.
    I sincerely hope I am on the right track here.

  • Dileep says:

    Thank you for your appreciation and response.
    As you can see, i have used wordpress with reasonable success.
    On the direction for your blog, I personally dont think there is a right or wrong area. Your sharing of customer experiences will be relevant to many and even if you get a few to learn from that, i would rate it a great success.

    Readership will always be a struggle, even today, many of my readers come from past readers or word of mouth. So, I wouldnt worry too much there, but pread the word that you have a blog every opportunity you get.

    Wish you the very best for your blog, and do let me know when you launch your blog, as i would love to red it

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