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Tanoura Folk Dancing

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Am I Social? – Success in the era of connected community

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We have entered an era, where the millennial’s are establishing the Future of Work and communities are defining the Future of Business. Most visionaries and management consulting firms are defining this era as Gen – C, or the Connected Generation.

Visionaries like Don Tapscott, point out that to be successful in business, you need to reverse mentor yourself, so that you can look at the future of business from the eyes of people who are the future – the young generation.

As an individual, the stakes are different and far higher. We need to imbibe mobility for consuming data and information, we need to be able to multitask, work virtually, network, connect, and collaborate.

All continuously in real time, while still adhering to existing policies of our workplace, which to a large extent is still conventional.

There are very few individuals who are able to quickly transform themselves to adapt to this connected word and the connected generation.

One individual that always comes to my mind, is Paul Greenberg. Paul wrote the book on ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’ a few years ago, and has continuously updated not just the book, but himself. I see him swiftly adopting newer tools, that are social in nature.

He has even triggered the socialization of upcoming CRM enterprises by instituting a competition called CRM Idol, which brings upcoming young organizations into the forefront.

In fact he was one who inspired me to be a fast catalyst of change.

However, even amongst the younger generation making up the C-Gen, I see reluctance in adopting the very characteristics they imbibed, into their workplace. One could blame this on our respective organizations and their policies, but being in one fortune 500 organization myself, and having mixed with many other professionals, I don’t believe that is true. There are still many ways you can get Social, be Social & stay Social.

So, Am I Social?


Test yourself by answering the ten questions and give your self up to 10 points for each element that applies to you? So as an example if you are on twitter and tweet give your self 5- 10 points depending on frequency of tweets. If you have a subscription on twitter and just follow a few, give yourself between 2-5 points.

Add up your total, to get your rough social quotient.

If your score falls below 25 points, you have ways to go, and you are least digitally inclined. I would say this blog and the blogs to follow, will be of most use to you. The bigger point you need to derive from this low score is that you are quickly distancing from the ‘connected community’ so wake up.

If your score is between 25 – 60, you sure are getting there and but, could use some ideas that are exchanged here to increase your presence and influence. But the good news is that you are aware and you are attempting to keep with the changes.

If your score lies between 60- 75, you should be actively participating here to help all of us, taking on the leadership.

If you scored above 75, hats off to you, you are in my view a dubbed social guru, someone I want to follow and learn.

It’s a self evaluation so don’t get too stuck up on the score, hopefully you get what I am trying to emphasize.

The point I am trying to make is, we need to act, act at the speed of light, to succeed in today’s digital universe. to this effect, I am sharing my approach to change.

It is a simple 5 step process.


1. Unlearn – to move away from the way we produce work products today

2. Build your Digital Profile – this is about establishing your presence and keep it updated. About me.com, and other known social channels like Teitter, LinkenIn, Facebook are common places to establish your digital profile.

3. Start stablishing Connections – get the people you know, you worked with or have been associated under one umbrella and across multiple channels

4. Follow and be Followed – start the process of engagement and begin to engage, acrros the different social channels. Even a simple re tweeting with your views can help strengthing your profile. Commenting on the blogs of your connections is a nother simple way to keep interactions happening and enhance your reach, thereby strengthening your profile.

5. Be Mobile and Real Time Accessible – invest in yourself to be agile and accessible in real time, most times. An investment in a smartphone or tablet may look expensive, but think of it as an investments for your success. Let it be counted under your 2% Investment Rule portfolio ( refer my previous article – http:j.mp/ONhVWq ). It will be truly the best investment you could make in yourself.

As I always believe, learning to unlearn is a formidable task by itself. But, we can all do this, by sharing ideas, tools and becoming a community of influencers ourselves.

So for success – get social …. NOW!


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