Tanoura Folk Dance
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Tanoura Folk Dancing

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The Indian Roller Bird

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The Kingfisher bird commonly found in Asian countries like India, is an extremely colorful bird.

Adult male can easily be identified by its sharp turquoise blue upperparts and rufous orange underparts. Tail is blue. Wings are darker blue, finely spotted with turquoise on greater coverts. 

This picture shows the Kingfisher in its true form of beauty. Seen around quiet waters, along streams, lakes and ponds, these birds are interestingly territorial.  

They feed mainly on fish taken from perches above the water. Its a pretty patient bird waiting for long moments, watching for prey by turning its head and body.

Once a prey is detected, the bird gets into action by diving steeply to catch its prey, many times diving even 1 meter deep. Then it uses its wings to propel itself from the water and returns to its perch.

Though famous for perching on branches, the kingfisher can also hover just above the water before diving in for its prey.

Breeding takes place April-May, when 6-7 eggs are laid and both parents incubate the egg in typically between 19 to 21 days

Sighting this bird is easy because of its distinct color, but to truly view its majestic beauty you need a sharp binoculars and if you are into photography, then a good zoom.

These pictures were taken with a 400mm zoom.

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